The Modern Face Of Beijing

In modern-day Beijing you can dine at concept restaurants in converted factories, roam trendy Arts Districts, and marvel at futuristic architecture. What’s more, with the announcement of the successful bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, the city is developing a transport network that’s a tourist’s dream. Contact Brightsun Travel about Beijing cheap flights offers and experience for yourself all that this fast-changing city has to offer this holiday.

Beijing futuristic architecture


The 798 Art District is the beating heart of Beijing’s contemporary arts scene, with photography centres, art galleries and museums designed by famous local artists, including Ai Weiwei. In this industrial complex, you can stay at modern hotels in former factories, experience multimedia installations in old warehouses, pass huge open-air sculptures and shipping containers covered in street art.


Modern-day Beijing is a treat for any restaurant lover. No longer is it about the search for the best roast duck or dim sum, Beijing now boasts an innovative new food landscape, with old factories housing new concept restaurants, cool speakeasies popping up all over traditional old Hutong neighbourhoods, and Michelin-starred and international restaurants in 400-year-old palaces and historic compounds.


2022 will be an exciting year to visit Beijing, when it will become the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Already in the city you can find world-class venues from the 2008 Olympics, and with an enormous $3.9 billion being pumped into the city in the lead up to 2022, there is set to be some big changes. Before the games begin, visit the town of Chongli and practice your skiing during a near 6 month snow season.


Beijing is littered with impressive buildings like the CCTV building, or ‘Big Pants’, a glass tower shaped like a pair of trousers, and the Galaxy Soho dome-shaped building, resembling something off the set of a Star Wars movie. The city’s National Olympic Stadium is an architectural masterpiece, and an iconic piece of architecture designed by Beijing-born artist Ai Weiwei, in consultancy with Herzog & de Meuron.


With the announcement of Beijing’s successful bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, the city is ploughing huge investments into its transport network, and is upgrading railways, and building new airports. By 2022, you will be able travel 350 kilometres in just one hour by train, and with plans to open a $13 billion airport in 2019, the city is set become one of the most travelled to destinations on the planet.


When you are ready to explore this modern hub in the heart of China, Brightsun Travel has year-round cheap flights to Beijing as well as tours across the country.


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